BREN is also the place to be for drinks. Come and sample some wines with your date at the bar, enjoy a gin and tonic with your friends or try a specialist beer on tap. You can find us in the Drieharingstraat, right in the culinary heart of Utrecht. At BREN we only have one goal: for you to leave the building fully recharged at the end of your stay. We’ll press pause for you and provide good food, cool cocktails and unlimited fun.

Something to go with your drink


Marinated artichokes

Smoked almonds

Rustic fries

truffle salt – mayonnaise

Bread & dips

piperade – pistachehumus – beetroot tzatziki 

Broccolini and feta cheese 

chipotle dressing – smoked almonds crispy kale

Roasted cauliflower

lemon alioli – chives – smoked almonds


mustard – cornichons 

Chicken thighs

orange – garlic – oregano

Oyster mushroom bitterballen

vegan truffle mayonnaise – cornichons

Mushroom paté

cranberry compote – toast – daikon cress 

Grilled Provolone

truffle – honey – piperade – crostini


piperade – cornichons – nuts